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From company setup to necessary registrations, localisation services, business process management, management consulting, tax services and consulting, legal support With presence in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Entry India has a Strategic Alliance with Excelor India with the mission to successfully connect companies and investors worldwide with business opportunities in India and grow their business. This Strategic Alliance helps bridge global markets, enabling both Entry India and Excelor India to jointly serve our Clients across geographies.

Entry India has partnered with Excelor India to provide on ground information helpful for NRIs, USA Citizens, Foreigners for ‘Doing Business in India. Excelor India has been working in association with Entry India since several years.

India-U.S. bilateral relations have developed into a "global strategic partnership", based on shared democratic values and increasing convergence of interests on bilateral, regional and global issues.

India-US bilateral trade in goods and services increased from $104 billion in 2014 to $114 billion in 2016. The bilateral merchandise trade is showing an encouraging growth trajectory in 2017. During the first three months, bilateral merchandise trade stood at $17.2 billion as compared to $16.2 billion during the corresponding period in 2016. Of this, India’s exports to the US were $11.4 billion and India’s imports from the US were $5.8 billion.

As per Indian official statistics, the cumulative FDI inflows from the US from April 2000 to December 2015 amounted to about $ 17.94 billion constituting nearly 6% of the total FDI into India, making the U.S. the fifth largest source of foreign direct investments into India. India and the US have set up a bilateral Investment Initiative in 2014, with a special focus on facilitating FDI, portfolio investment, capital market development and financing of infrastructure. U.S.-India Infrastructure Collaboration Platform has also been set up to deploy cutting edge U.S technologies to meet India’s infrastructure needs.

While India has ample opportunities in terms of business, Our diversified professionals will support you on every stage of your project and business from the initial steps like choosing the right geographical location in India, setting up your company & realising necessary registrations to assistance in the development of business processes, management consulting, designing and realising of local promotion campaigns, accounting, tax services and consulting.