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ECFO Support


which thrive on readable business information based on which important decisions can be taken by the senior management. Its most suitable in cases where, the business volume or operational structure doesn’t require a full time CFO, however the role of CFO is evident for the business. We also prepare suitable structure by strengthening business systems & processes, wherein a full time CFO can be hired by the business as and when required. eCFO undertakes the following activities based on exact business needs:

  • Defined clear goalposts and time linked milestones.
  • Prepare a roadmap to achieve desired turnover, profits.
  • Suggest an appropriate Geography mix, Product mix and Customer mix.
  • Development & Implement Budgeting system.
  • Conduct recurring Performance Reviews with individual business managers.
  • Tracking of actual performance against Key Result Areas- KRA.
  • Bring more discipline in management review processes.
  • Participate in Solution-Oriented Management Discussions.