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Business Process Design Redesign

Business Process Design/Redesign

A well-defined accounting & reporting structure, controlling tools helps in generating useful information, implementing uniform corporate policies & procedures, smoothening the consolidation processes.

A process-driven organization can scale up much faster than one relying on manual interventions. Processes can provide structure to your organization and systematize the workflow across functions. Business Process Modeling to enable businesses to become process-driven corporations to embark on a faster growth trajectory and to improve organizational efficiency.

We assess the complete existing workflow and suggest, devise customized Process Maps to address the achievement of organization objectives. Each division and function within the company is studied, to advise the optimal workflow processes. On completion of the exercise, the Board/Management can get a 360-degree view of the organizational workflow across the company in a highly structured manner.

  • Business Performance Improvement

    We offer Business Performance Improvement advisory services to companies, whereby we help the Management address areas to improve revenue scale or rationalize costs or improve business efficiency, thereby leading to enhancement of shareholder value. Our team has been engaged by organizations for improving performance of a particular division or unit, as well as for the entire company. Given the criticality of such engagements, our team offers assistance to the companies in the Implementation phase as well.

    Such engagements are long-term in nature. Some of the areas that we address for our Clients are:

    Either as part of our regular service of even on a single assignment basis, we take care of the following activities.

  • • Setting up of Chart of Accounts.
  • • Standard Operating Processes.
  • • Setting up of Accounting & Costing Records.
  • • Designing/Redesigning of Management Reports.
  • • Implementation & Monitoring of Processes.
  • Business Process Management

    To get the required information based on which Business managers can take appropriate decisions. Many a times, we have experienced a lot of gap between the real situation and the expectation of the Business & Management from these Business Processes. We also have realized that many a times the main Focus remains on Increasing Sales and no attention is paid to implement the processes, which starts creating challenges for the Business managers and results into heavy cost, Scrutinizes from Government Departments, Penalties etc.

    We do review, recommend and Implement such Business Processes which can address the needs of your Growing Business:

  • • Streamlining Business Processes commensurate with Group`s Global Practices.
  • • Short Term/Long Term Business Strategy.
  • • Forecasting Future Cash Flows.
  • • Dash Board, Key Performance Measures.
  • • Performance Measurement.
  • • Process Implementation & Improvement.
  • • Standard Operating Processes.