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Business Operation Support

Business Operation Support

We have been helping the business leaders to offload their involvement in administrative & operational matters. The listed activities in this segment allow the business managers to focus on their core activities.Whether any business function needs to be outsourced may be a topic for discussion even for a Small Business, however importance of experienced professionals cannot be ignored. Effect of any wrong doing or non-compliance not necessarily bounce back immediately but effect thereof can cause a lot of time, money and many more serious consequences at a later date. We have the requisite experience and expertise to offer our support which goes along with the business need at a economy of scale. BOS is our core offering and most suitable for Start-Ups and SMEs:


We call it as InSourcing wherein we, work as your Accounting Team. Our role is to act as Data Entry Operator, ensure timely compliances, share meaningful financial information to the management as Finance Managers.

  • Bookkeeping: Day to Day Accounting Activities (On Site/Off Site).
  • Reporting: Recurring reports (standard or customized), Reconciliations, MIS, Special Reports.
  • Controlling: Implementation of Finance & Accounting Control, Cost controlling measures, monitoring.

Tax Compliances

Tax compliance doesn’t mean simply paying the taxes, rater it may require a fully updated knowledge of the rapidly changing rules & regulations. Planning and putting the things exactly in a right way is a must in order to minimize chances of Scrutiny, Late fee, Penalties at a future stage. Understanding the facts and Interpreting the exact requirement is the most important aspect of compliance in a Overseas Transactions. Based on applicability, we do take care of recurring compliances in respect of the following:

  • Direct Tax:Indian Income Tax, Cross Boarder Taxes, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, Transfer Pricing..
  • Indirect Tax: Value Added Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Customs & Central Excise.
  • Other Domestic Taxes: Local Body Tax, Works Contract Tax etc.

Payroll Processing

Employees not only get pay checks, e-payslips on time but a complete support on a day to day basis. BOS ensures that each employees of the organization, gets proper support of Human Resource (HR) Department, irrespective of the employee strength. Our defined HR process, Policies and Procedures, Salary Structures etc can be used by your business, straight away or can be customized as per business needs.

  • Documentation:Employment Contracts, Salary Structuring, Tax Optimization, Policies & Procedures.
  • Payroll Processing: Monthly Pay-Check, Pay-slips, Payroll Tax Advisory.
  • Legal Compliances: Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Professional Tax.
  • Insurance: Medical Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Schemes of Retrial Benefits.
  • Expatriate Payroll: Tax Structuring (Host & Home Country), Repatriation of funds, Indian Tax Declarations.