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Hello! We are ExcelorIndia

Excelor India is an applied consulting & execution firm, focusing on the business needs of start-ups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Our years of experience of working for this segment and knowledge of exact business needs, has inspired us to develop our offerings & services.

India has become a land of opportunity for several businesses worldwide, as it offers a huge market, increasing purchasing power of general public and continuously improving business conditions. Many initiatives already taken by the newly elected, full majority government in the center has raised the opportunities multifold. Such huge business opportunity in India also combines with lot of practical challenges due to large demography, unstructured market in several segments, Central & State legislations, Administration & bureaucracy.


Business from a foreign country also needs to be synchronized to cope with the issue of localization and work culture. Its accordingly becomes important that the supporting agencies must have working experience with similar setup and they know exactly what to do. Cost is also an important factor for every start up of growing business and it must not create a hurdle in survival & growth of the business.

Domestic companies with Small & Medium setup also have the similar challenges as generally there are no exemption from compliances, due to size & nature of businesses. Even for a smaller business, importance of topics such as Finance & Accounting, Taxes, Secretarial & Other Legal Compliances, becomes equally important as Product Development, Sales & Marketing. Our effort is to match these aspects with our clients.


Our objective is to provide complete non-core services related to Domestic & International Businesses in India, at a most economical cost and on time.

We carry a rich experience in working with Indian Entrepreneurs and also with International Brands in setting up and building their administrative structure for smooth functioning of their business in India. We love to work with Start-Ups and Small Businesses where our growth is directly dependent on the your growth.


– Special focus on Start Ups & SMBs.
– Years of practical experience with International Businesses.
– Young & Energetic Team with extensive operational experience & professional acumen specially for working in MNCs from Europe, USA, Japan, Middle East etc.
– Focus on continuous professional development & education of the team.
– Advanced approach to understand the need of SME business.
– Understanding that only honest business relations are sustainable.
– Full capacity presence at Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru.
– Reliable Associates at tier B cities.
– Minimal overheads allows us to remain economical than others.
– No hidden cost.

Our Smart Approach

Financial Service

Our financial experts help analyze financial data,
to create steady financial foundation.


Electronic Materials has servd the semicondctor
industry as a leading-edge materials.

Medical & Health Care

Electronic Materials has served the semiconductor
industry as a leading-edge materials.